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Business Capability for a Dynamic Market

   Series: Organic Dynamic Business Architecture©


About this Book

Our economic environment has become dynamic to an unprecedented degree. Our traditional business management instruments, e.g. blueprints and transformation plans based on internal resources become obsolete before they can be realised. The only resolution for the growing snowball of business debts to the market is utilising business methods that are as dynamic as the market changes. Such methods should offer not only dynamic options, but enforce them via an architecture of business, strategy realisation activity streams, corresponding governance and corporate culture.

This book offers a refined definition of business capability suitable for dynamic market and discuss its applicability from the different viewpoints. Particularly, who and why need to use capabilities, how capability models and business solutions may look like, what business values a capability maturity model can provide, how the new core of business capability relates to value streams and business transformation blueprints, how  such capability may be realised and how it provides a competitive advantage in the market.  This new definition is challenged against traditional mechanisms of business management and operations; it explains and demonstrates its full integrity within the service- and consumer-oriented ecosystem where each of our enterprises exists and works regardless the size and market sector of the company.

The book recommends the method of business capabilities as the major instrument of business architecture for realising corporate strategy in a highly volatile market.  This method is illustrated via description of 3-section workshop for a real world business case.


In the book, the author references to significant changes in the economic environment and re-defines a concept of business capability accordingly. New definition is analysed and challenged against traditional mechanisms of business management and operations and recognised as the major instrument of business architecture. The book explains methods and models for executive and architects for defining and designing capabilities, using them for blueprints, value streams, achieving dynamic competitive advantage, as well as representing them via business services.


A recorded webinar “New Meaning of Business Capability for a Dynamic Market”

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Additional Information about Business Capabilities in the Modern Dynamic Market

Collective Book Business Dynamic ChangesAn additional information on this topic may be found in the collective book “Business and Dynamic Change: The Arrival of Business Architecture“, chapter “How Business Architecture Enables Agility to Dynamic Market“.

This book also contains several different and frequently controversial views on Business Architecture.


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