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Michael-Poulin-Latest-Photo - SquareI have over 30 years of professional experience.

In Information Technology, I worked my way up from a programmer to an enterprise architect. My acquaintance with service orientation, Java and CORBA took place in 1996. I moved from the pure technological world of Novell and IBM into the financial world in 2000. Since that time I have worked for leading international banks, fund management institutions, insurance and other medium to large organisations.

Consciously or subconsciously, I rejected a role of pure technologist, challenging the status quo in many aspects of IT business. As many others in this field, I  struggled to find a simple answers to why IT has so many problems, where they come from, whether we are dealing with the consequences while the real problems are somewhere else.

I have found the roots of many IT problems in Business, particularly, in the Corporate Business. These problems are not only in the relationships between business and IT departments but also inside the business realm itself, especially at the level where answers to “why?” and “what?” questions are substituted by “how?” When I am given a task, before thinking how to solve it I always look for what this task is in its context and whether it is a task indeed. With this knowledge, I now work as an consulting advisor to IT and business senior managers, at the enterprise and programme level, in both business and technology architecture.

My qualifications are confirmed formally – I hold architect certification in Java, TOGAF, SOA and EA. In 2001, the International WHO’S WHO of Information Technology (IWW Historical Society) included me in their roster.

Since 2007, I am a Member of the OASIS SOA Technical Committee, contributing to the SOA Reference Architecture sub-committee. I participated in the preparation of all three public versions and co-authored the Reference Architecture Foundation specification.

On this Web Site, you will find references to my latest article on different aspects of architecture, design and security. In 2009, I published the book ‘Ladder to SOE’ discussing several fundamental aspects of business and technology in a Service-Oriented Enterprise. Another book – “Architects Know What Managers Don’t” – was published in 2013. You can buy both books from this Web Site, not only from Amazon.

I am always glad to meet with like-minders and help those who needs an architectural advice or even work to be done for them.

If you are really interested in the modern world of Business Architecture, your frequent visits to my Web Site would be beneficial to your professional growth.



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booksFollowing this link, you will find recent publications published in InfoQ, Sys-con's SOA World, SOA Web Services, Java Development Journal, other magazines and journals, and in Technology Management. Also, there is a link to recent BLOGs in ebizQ.

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booksYou can buy e-courses prepared by Dr. M. Poulin based on his experience and practice in SOA since 1997. The courses cover theoretical, architectural and design aspects of service orientation and Cloud Computing.

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