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Welcome, colleagues and friends!

If you are looking for new original information about Business or Technology Architecture, or for architectural advice, or even architectural work to be done for you in both business and technology parts of your enterprise – you are in the right place.

There is no secret – I started this Web Site to express my thought, to discuss some ideas (not necessarily mine), and to share my knowledge and experience. Yes, I promote myself hoping that you might find some of my publications and advices useful for your organisations or personally for yourself.


Several years ago I moved to the UK, but still have many roots in the USA, where I lived before. So, you can say that I combine both cultural approaches. I am a perfectionist in sense I always aim to the target regardless reputation of unneeded habits or inertia of thinking.


On this Web Site, you can find information about me and my work on different topics, though mostly about service-oriented solution for Business and Technology, as well as about security, management, and some social aspects of technology education. If you want to discuss something in public with me, I can create and maintain a Forum.


Those who are looking for a self-study or for answers to professional questions, I offer several e-Courses for reasonable charges. If you have a special topic in mind, I might be able to prepare a course for you.


Finally, I post a BLOG and references to my Publications (with links to the original articles). You can find two books I authored  wrote – “Ladder to SOE” and “Architects Know What Managers Don’t”. You can buy these books from related pages, not from Amazon only, but before buying you can look through feedbacks from those who read them already.

I am open to new acquaintances and even joint work arrangements in the area of business or technology architecture. You can register for the News Letter I plan to issue of a regular basis together with my Partners:


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With best regards,

–          Michael Poulin


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booksFollowing this link, you will find recent publications published in InfoQ, Sys-con's SOA World, SOA Web Services, Java Development Journal, other magazines and journals, and in Technology Management. Also, there is a link to recent BLOGs in ebizQ.

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Training & e-Courses

booksYou can buy e-courses prepared by Dr. M. Poulin based on his experience and practice in SOA since 1997. The courses cover theoretical, architectural and design aspects of service orientation and Cloud Computing.

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My Blog

booksI welcome you to read my BLOGs. If you wish to express your opinion on the subject or ask questions, please, register with related Forum Group and post your comments. I look through all posts periodically and will be able to respond you, if I have anything to say.

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